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OPPO MEDICAL: 4-Way Elastic Reinforced Shoulder Support



  • Rotator cuff tendinitis

  • Bursitis

  • Shoulder instability

OPPO MEDICAL Elastic Support Advantages:

  • 4-Way Stretch Material: Naturally comforms to the shape of the area being protected, giving equal and consistent compression without sacrificing your feedom of movement

  • Comfort Lining: Cool interior lining that has direct contact with skin eliminates chances of irritation, discomfort, or chafing for better wearer comfort compared to ordinary elastic supports

  • Long Product Life: Optimal blend of four materials made with advanced knitting processes allow for a sturdier product construction and more premium look, even after years of proper use and care

Product Features:

  • Two reinforced elastic straps on the upper arm provide extra support for the shoulder to help eliminate excessive movement, and aid in managing pain

  • Applies gentle compression and allows the patient gradually return to full range of motion

  • Excellent choice for those seeking better comfort upon wearing or an alternative to the traditional neoprene material

  • Comes in beige color that complements multiple skin tones, and is washable after use

Measurement & Sizing Chart:

Washing Instructions:

Please see item box for detailed information on product care

₱1,555.00 ₱1,244.00