OPPO MEDICAL: Class 1 - Thigh High Anti-Embolism Stockings

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  • Prevent venous stasis

  • Post-surgical use or bedridden patients

  • Reduce the formation of thrombosis or embolism

OPPO MEDICAL Anti-Embolism Stockings Advantages:

  • Equal Compression: Consistent pressure is applied throughout the legs to facilitate better blood flow for bedridden patients

  • Wider Fitting Band: This provides a larger surface area for the band to grip, effective for anti-slip and anti-binding functions

  • Opening for Monitoring: Ball of foot opening feature is present to see status of circulation without taking the stockings off

  • Heel & Foot Markers: Allows for easy identification of proper fit in order to provide consistent and effective compression

Product Features:

  • Class 1 (18-21 mmHg) offers MILD compression to improve blood circulation on the legs to prevent vein blockage, clots, etc.

  • Available in white color only

Measurement & Sizing Chart:


(cG) - Measure around biggest part of the thigh

(cC) - Measure around biggest part of calf

(cB) - Measure around the ankle

(IG) - Measure height from bottom of foot to the thigh, below the buttocks

Washing Instructions:

Please see item box for detailed information on product care

Brand: OPPO Medical

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