OPPO MEDICAL: Motion Control Knee Splint

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  • Collateral ligament injury

  • Cruciate ligament injury

  • Knee instability

  • Knee immobilization

OPPO MEDICAL Orthopedic Solutions:

  • Soft & Semi-Rigid Braces: Solutions made with durable Class-A materials, contoured design, and high quality seaming/knitting technique to provide the right support plus utmost comfort for commonly stressed, injured, or strained areas of the human anatomy

  • Specialized Medical Braces: Medical-grade products designed with a deep understanding that proper rehabilitation and quality of everyday life are key to getting back on-track from injury or surgery. Unrivaled research & development for both function and design place a premium on wearer comfort to lessen the burden of recovering patients

Product Features:

  • Semi-rigid frame with adjustable straps effectively stabilize an injured or unstable knee by providing immobilization in an extended position, or allowing limited joint motion within a pre-selected range for flexion/extension

  • Allows for 0 to 120 degree flexion, and between 0 and 75 degree extension in increments of 7.5 degrees per setting

  • 20-inch height gives a wider range of coverage even for taller patients

  • Suitable for rehabilitation and functional management of ACL/PCL instability, early traditional cast/immobilizer removal, post-operative use, or whenever a combination of motion control and knee immobilization is required

  • Made with comfortable and durable materials

Measurement & Sizing Chart:

*Please ensure that knee circumference falls within the range indicated on the chart

Washing Instructions:

Please see item box for detailed information on product care

Brand: OPPO Medical