OPPO MEDICAL: Class 2 - Mid Thigh Compression Stockings

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  • Spider veins

  • Moderate to severe varicose veins

  • Post-surgical wear

OPPO MEDICAL Compression Stockings Advantages:

  • Graduated Compression: Progressive pressure levels are applied from the thigh to the ankle help in accelerating return of venous blood flow to the heart, preventing the accumulation of edema in the legs

  • Wider Fitting Band: Applicable for non-pantyhose models, this provides a larger surface area for the band to grip, effective for anti-slip and anti-binding functions

  • Reciprocating Knit Technique: Manufacturing process that provide excellent heel and toe (in applicable models) pocket formation and material reinforcement, providing for better fit, comfort, and durability

  • Various Lengths & Classes: OPPO Medical offers anatomically contoured stockings that fit a wearer's needs depending on compression level (Class) and lifestyle

Product Features:

  • Class 2 (23-32 mmHg) offers MODERATE compression for more pronounced vein disorder symptoms

  • Open-Toe Design is ideal for footwear option flexibility, without sacrificing foot/ankle region compression. Also applicable for wearers with long foot length

  • Mid thigh length offers progressive compression for lower leg circulation, as well has compression to the knee joint

Measurement & Sizing Chart:


(cC) - Measure around biggest part of calf

(cB) - Measure around the ankle

(ID) - Measure height from bottom of foot to the knee

Washing Instructions:

Please see item box for detailed information on product care

Brand: OPPO Medical

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