LP SUPPORT: LIGHT SHIELD Adjustable Knee Brace




  • Knee instability

  • Weak knee

LIGHT SHIELD Technology:

  • This unique bracing series was created for athletes seeking true lightweight protection during sporting activities -- less protruding material with optimal support to targeted areas

  • Light Shield Braces are anatomically designed to conform to the wearer, and made with thinner/lighter but top-grade neoprene and elastic straps, breathable mesh, excellent seam quality, and anti-slip silicone straps

  • LP Power Net technology is also present, where colored dots are strategically placed to provide a more consistent close fit to the area/joint being protected

Product Feature

  • LP Power Net is located at the knee joint and patella area for added support
  • Bilateral spiral stays serve to protect the knee from excessive movement
  • Uses breathable neoprene to provide lightweight comfort
  • One-piece design and compressive straps ensure easy application and custom fit
  • Available in blue or silver-colored PowerNet (dots). Please select color when ordering

Measurement & Sizing Chart:

*ONE SIZE FITS ALL: Please ensure that knee circumference is within the range indicated below

Washing Instructions:

Hand wash in cold water with mild soap. Air-dry away from heat and sunlight. Do not bleach, iron or dry clean.

Brand: LP Support

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