Benefits of Investing in Rehabilitation Gear & Tools

Rehabilitation. Physical therapy. Those words signify the need to restore ones state of well-being… gradually. Since time is a big factor in the road to recovery, it’s only fitting that one would look for wearables and tools with the right blend of function, comfort, and value. Here are some of the more commonly used items: 

Semi-Rigid and Rigid Braces

These types of braces are those that partially – or completely – restrict movement of an injured area being treated. They are normally equipped with stays (pliable or stiff), hinges, adjustable straps, and range of motion (ROM) controllers.

For majority of post-surgical orthopeadic patients, the immobilizing properties of rigid braces ensure that the recovering area remains protected and range of motion is not extended too far off when one is out of the therapy center.

These types of firm support also prove beneficial for those seeking either symptomatic relief, such as braces as part of back injury treatment; or for those looking to address lingering musculoskeletal disorders, such as a scoliosis treatment or a stress fracture solution among others.  

While the injuries and therapy themselves could be quite the pain already, ones normal everyday life wearing these supports need not be. Look at the little details on the product that could help with everyday comfort. There are features such as: breathable fabrics, easy application design, silicone pads, non-chaffing materials, etc. that may give that little extra bump on comfort that goes a long way.    

OPPO MEDICAL: Motion Control Knee Splint


OPPO MEDICAL: Posture Aid with Steel Stays 

Compression Wear

Rehabilitation and recovery products can also be non-rigid, such is the case for compression socks, compression stockings, and other types of supports. 

These normally help with pain and swelling by allowing the body to recover faster by improving blood flow in the affected area.

While beneficial for recovering and injured patients, these are also commonly used for the prevention or stopping the advancement of conditions such as: edema, varicose veins, muscle weakness, and even pain from arthritis.

Endless options for compression and supports are out there in the market, but don’t be deceived in to thinking that they are all created equal. Always make sure you get only from reputable brands since these are the ones with proven technology to achieve the right therapeutic class rating (mmHg) for compression stockings, and superior durability for soft supports. After all, you might be wearing them daily.  

OPPO MEDICAL: O-2840 (Class 2 Mid Thigh)


OPPO MEDICAL: O-2862 (Class 1 Anti-Embolism) 

Exercise & Massage Tools

To keep it simple, these are in-home equipment or tools that successfully mimic the vital stretches,  exercises, or movements one does with a therapist; or items could help alleviate pain. 

Massage balls, foam rollers, therapy bands, pedal exercisers, elliptical machines, and the like all in this category. They basically are everyday tools that you can easily use in your day-to-day recovery journey from the more serious knee surgery, knee pain, back pain, to the simplest of muscle aches that you could treat on your own.


Foam Roller

BASIC TRAINING: Lightweight Pedal Exerciser


Utilize rehabilitation gear help you in your road to physical recovery and well-bring. It’s time to embrace the brace and some extra gear to heal faster. But as always, don’t forget to check-in with your medical practitioner for proper diagnosis, and course of treatment!


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